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Welcome June…is it really June??

It’s  Really June??  Well let’s go camping!!

Spring has sprung

The River’s riz

I wonder where my row boat is!


Ok, ok apart from the bad poetry you really don’t need a row boat.  Things around the campground are pretty dry and the water table levels at this moment are low.  Some of the lower lying parts of the trail to Tavistock point have pooling water but so far nothing like that in the campground.  So while mother nature is unpredictable, right now, this first day of June we’re ready for all of you who want to go camping.


We would like to welcome the Glass Egg group this weekend as our first group of June.  We know from years past these folks enjoy their weekend and certainly know how to camp in style.


Work has been ongoing to get the pool up and running.  It’s been retiled now, which of course wasn’t the easiest thing to do with the rainy spring we’ve had. With the necessary repairs made, it will be open at 10:00am precisely on Saturday morning.  Let’s hope the sun is shining and everyone can enjoy it!


If floating in the pool isn’t your thing, Fort Langley offers lots of things to do.  Check out “Into Chocolate Candy and Confections” right on Glover Rd.  They have a large selection of goodies that will make everyone happy!


Have to walk off all those calories?  The Fort to Fort Trail is for you.  Biking or hiking this four season trail starts in Fort Langley and carries through to Derby Reach.  For more information on, routes, length of the trail and connecting trails go to .


Don’t forget the Fort Langley National Historic Site.  This is Canada’s 150th birthday and Parks Canada is celebrating with free admission to their national parks and national historic sites.  For more information on the Fort check out


After all that you can come back to the campground, put your feet up and relax around the campfire.  Don’t forget to drop by the General Store, say hi to Marilyn and see what she’s got.  The ice cream is fabulous and sourced locally from Birchwood Dairies in Abbotsford

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