Winter Camping in Brae Island

Top 10 Reasons Why Winter Camping in Brae Island Regional Park is Great

1. Mild Climate!

Winter CampingThe lower mainland of BC is known for its mild winters. The temperatures range from the following:
October Min 1°c, Max 20°c
November Min -3°c, Max 15°c
December Min -4°c, Max 15°c
January Min -7°c, Max 10°c
Febuary Min -2°c, Max 12°c
We rarely get snow and rain keeps the flowers around all year long!

2. Photographers Dream!

Winter CampingGorgeous fall colours, beautiful sunsets reflected in the river. It’s the most beautiful time of year. You can’t miss this!

3. Close to ALL possible attractions!

Ask us about a destination and we’ll be happy to offer directions or point you to a source for help. Check out our Attractions Page for some great links!

4. Fun Activities

From chats over coffee to potlucks and special events Fort Camping offers a little something for everyone.  Our staff and volunteers have offered low impact chair yoga, art classes, and cooking classes. Have a suggestion for something you might want to see or share…let us know!

5. Possibilities for Active Living.

Brae Island Regional Park’s great walking trails run along the river and are maintained throughout the winter. Or for more of an extensive walk try the Fort-to-Fort trail:

6. Beat the heat and the rush of summer.

Summers can be pretty hot and sticky not to mention a bit crowded. Take the time and find a pace that suits you this season. Because Fort Langley is so popular, it can be very populated in the summer months but during the winter season you can wake up without the noise and walk into the town without literally bumping into someone. Not to mention there’s more room in the charming shops!

7. We’re Canadian!

That means no need to worry about passports, boarder crossing and or money exchange rates! Just come on in and set up, eh?

8. Affordable Vacation.

Come and vacation on waterfront property across from a quaint little town with all the amenities included. You’re saving money by not paying huge heating bills further up north, and you don’t have to store your RV. You bought it because you love it so USE it all year round!

9. Central Location.

Not only are we only 45 minutes from Vancouver, but we are also on the border of the Fraser Valley. So if you’re choosing to work, to explore, or to just relax this season there are many options in the surrounding areas to consider.

Click for the PDF Recreational Winter Program Information: Winter 2024-2025 NEW REQUESTS

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